Week 5

Chill Out Challenge

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As a professional football player, there are physical and mental stresses that come with the job. That’s why I always make sure I have some down time during the week to relax and take my mind off things. Andrew Luck #12



Get Going!

Everyone gets stressed. Even kids. That’s why we want you to focus on activities that can help reduce the things you worry about. Follow these simple methods and stress less.

Do not attempt the exercises if injury or disability prevents you from completing them safely. Participate to the best of your ability to complete the challenge.

Day 1

Dance or Play Music

9-17 year-olds
For 10 to 15 minutes, turn on the radio or your favorite band, or whip out your favorite instrument and get your heart rate up while enjoying your favorite melodies. Dance or play some music today and feel the positive effects it can have on your spirits.

Day 2

Deep Breathing Exercise

9-17 year-olds
Spend 5 to 10 minutes doing the following breathing exercise. Find a quiet and relaxing place inside or outside your home to sit or stand. Slowly inhale through your nose counting to five and then let the air out from your mouth counting to eight. Then repeat. Always make sure to breathe from your abdomen as it helps fill your lungs with more fresh air. Something this simple is not only soothing, but it helps refresh your mind and body.

Day 3

Get Outside

9-17 year-olds
Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes outside. Take your dog for a walk, run around in your backyard, hike with your parents or friends, organize a group activity outside, ride your bike, or anything that gets your heart going. The combination of physical activity and the outdoors are great stress relievers. Sweat out any uneasiness or just clear your head by breathing in some fresh air.

Day 4

Read a Book

9-17 year-olds
Spend 30 minutes reading. Get a book you already own or borrow one from the library or a friend. Then find a quiet, comfortable place in your home and spend the time pouring over the pages. Unlike magazines or Internet reading, a good book is something you can get totally lost in. It’s a great way to stimulate and distract your mind away from daily anxieties or worries.

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Fuel Up!

Have your kids stick to these guidelines for the week and they’ll pass the “Fuel Up” part of this week’s challenge.

  • Try and have a sit down meal with a friend or family member a couple of times this week. Having time to talk with friends and family is not only enjoyable, but it can help with portion control.
  • Think of food as fuel—eat with purpose and you’ll make better choices.
  • Thinking that an unhealthy meal choice won’t affect your mood. The mind and body work together, so make sure to always eat right and rest up.
  • Eating in front of the computer screen. You’ll savor your food more and eat the right portions if you focus in on your meal.
Featured Recipe

Applesauce Cookies

Cooking with family or loved ones can be a lot of fun and help reduce stress. Pick a healthy recipe and you’ll be doubly rewarded.

3 ripe bananas
2 cups rolled oats
1/3 cup applesauce
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tbsp. ground flax
1/2 cup dried cherries or cranberries

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Using a fork, mash the bananas in a bowl. Stir in oats, applesauce, dried cherries, flax and vanilla extract. Mix batter well.
3. Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto a lined cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes.

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Sticking to a healthy diet is less stressful if you plan for it. Plan wholesome meals at least a day in advance and keep healthy snacks on hand. With the right planning, you’ll be less tempted by all the unhealthy food that surrounds you. Andrew Luck #12


Why It Matters

Dig Deep!

Helping kids learn how to deal with stress at an early age can keep them happier and healthier as they grow older. See what our expert doctor has to say about stress.

"Like their parents, kids experience stress. Unlike their parents, they may deal with it in different ways. Encouraging and supporting them to participate in stress-relieving activities can have a huge impact in terms of fighting against things like cardiovascular disease—which begins in childhood—and how they manage stress in the future."

Dr. Jackie Maiers

Pediatric Cardiology

Balanced Meals Can Help Balance Stress

  • Helps with hypertension— high blood pressure  
  • Contributes to better personal and social relationships
  • May improve performance in school
  • Improves self confidence and mood
  • Enhances focus and concentration

Highly Skilled Pediatricians

The expert Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health team is here for:

  • Social or emotional anxiety
  • Behavioral or developmental problems
  • Injury or prolonged exhaustion
  • Rehabilitation
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Chill Out Challenge Check-Off

Week 5 Badge

GREAT JOB! You’ve completed this week’s challenge. We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two. Keep it up. Please make sure to return next week. 

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