Week 8

Be The QB Challenge

Andrew Luck Video

Whether it’s on the field or off, I’m responsible for leading by example. It starts with making sure I take care of my own body and encouraging my teammates to do the same. Andrew Luck #12



Get Going!

It’s time to take charge. Make sure you’re active and making good decisions about what you eat, but also encourage family and friends to do the same. This week, you’re the leader.

Do not attempt the exercises if an injury or limitation prevents you from completing them safely. Participate to the best of your ability to complete the challenge.

Day 1

Organize an Activity/Sport

9-17 year-olds
Get your friends or family members together and organize an activity or sport you can all do. It could be a game of touch football, a bike ride, soccer or anything you like to do. Make sure to encourage and support all those participating, and push everyone to give a good effort. Most importantly, have fun.

Day 2

Help Cook a Healthy Meal

9-17 year-olds
Today, pick out a healthy meal that you’d like to have for dinner and then help cook it with mom or dad. By now, you know how important eating the right food is to your health. So take charge of dinner and you might just surprise your parents with the healthy new you. Again, make sure mom or dad is there to help you.

Day 3

Run a Mini Training Camp

9-17 year-olds
Training camp for Andrew Luck is about getting better and pushing his teammates to do the same. That’s why we want you to hold your own mini training camp with friends or family. Look back at the last 7 weeks and come up with a couple activities you want yourself and others to do. Whether it’s showing them how to do a proper push-up or teaching them about stretching, be a leader and show your friends the healthy and helpful things you’ve learned.

Day 4

Make a Game Plan

9-17 year-olds
Today is about making a game plan for the future. Whether it’s designing your own fitness routine or committing to stick with some of the things you’ve learned, continue to challenge yourself to take healthy steps forward. Remember, you’re the QB of your own life. Healthier choices come from having a game plan.

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Fuel Up!

Have your kids stick to these guidelines for the week and they’ll pass the “Fuel Up” part of this week’s challenge.

  • Participate in family meal planning
  • Eat foods that don’t have labels, like fruits and veggies, as they are usually healthiest
  • Fast food that lacks nutritional value
  • Sugary beverages like sports drinks or soda
  • Snacks with more than 10 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fat per serving
Featured Recipe

Stir Fry

Stir fry is a fun dish to make and can be customized to make sure your kids are getting the protein and vegetables they like most.

1 pound protein such as chicken (shrimp/tofu can be used as substitutes)
3 cups chopped vegetables such as red or green peppers, onion, carrots, peapods and bamboo shoots
1-2 tbsp olive oil
Soy sauce
4 cups cooked brown or white rice

1. Heat oil in large skillet on medium-high heat. Add chicken; cook and stir 7 min. or until no longer pink.
2. Add vegetables and soy sauce. Mix well. Cook an additional 2 min. or until heated through.
3. Serve over rice.

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Making time to plan a variety of healthy meals at the beginning of each week will help ensure you have good foods at your finger tips. Andrew Luck #12


Why It Matters

Dig Deep!

Supporting kids to take charge of their own health can have a lasting impact on their health. See what our expert doctor has to say about kids taking charge of their own health.

"Supporting and encouraging kids to take charge of their own health can have a lasting impact. Even more so when parents set a good example by making sure they know what the best foods and exercises are for their kids."

Dr. Tamara Hannon


The Benefits of Leading the Health Charge

  • Can help with social skills
  • May improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Strengthens body, bones and muscles
  • Shapes healthier habits
  • May help with school

Highly Skilled Pediatricians

The expert Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health team is here for:

  • Muscle, bone or joint pain that may arise
  • Developmental or behavioral concerns
  • Ongoing fatigue or uncommon illness
  • Concerns about cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar
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Be The QB Challenge Check-Off

Week 8 Badge

GREAT JOB! You’ve completed this week’s challenge. We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two. Keep it up. Please make sure to return next week. 

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